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Fully Stocked Pharmacy

Advanced Veterinary Care of Plano carries a variety of products aimed at improving your pets health.

We offer a variety of products designed to slow down the buildup of dental disease in our pets. 

The gold standard in dental health is still considered to be brushing your dogs teeth, you have to have the right patient as they have to hold still in order to brush their back teeth.  It is very important to never use human toothpaste as the floride can be detrimental if swallowed.  We carry C.E.T. canine/feline toothpaste in several flavors and have a toothbrush kit to get you starting on healthy dental care habits.

Treats are another way of increasing dental health, we like the hextra chews which are formed rawhide strips infused with chlorhexidine, as your dog or cats is chewing the treat the mechanical action is scraping the teeth clean while the chlorhexidine works to decrease tartar buildup.

We carry a couple of Hill's pet food that can help with dental health, one is prescription T/D the other is Science diet healthy advantage, these are larger kibbles that work when the animal is chewing the kibble mechanically clean the teeth.  If your pet swallows his/her food whole the food is unlikely to help much.

Lastly we carry aquadent, Aquadent is a product that is added to their drinking water in small amounts.  When they drink the water it works like a mouth wash but is safe for them to ingest.

While none of these options will completely block dental disease from forming, finding a dental care protocol that works for your animal will greatly slow down the progression of dental disease and may decrease the number of dental cleanings required to keep your beloved pet happy and healthy.