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Prescription Diets

Advanced Veterinary Care of Plano carries a variety of products aimed at improving your pets health.

Heartworm Medication

Heartworm disease is extremely prevalent in north Texas; spread by mosquitoes to unprotected dogs. Once infested, animals can exhibit signs of shortness of breath, heart murmurs, lethargy and sometimes death. Heartworm treatment is painful, expensive and can be dangerous so prevention is very important. With yearly heartworm testing and monthly heartworm preventative medication, you can protect your animals from this devastating disease.

Heartgard Plus:
Heartgard is a medicated chew that prevents heartworms and intestinal parasites such as hookworms and roundworms.  Because it is beef flavored most dogs will love eating it every month.

Sentinel is a chewable tablet that prevents heartworms and intestinal parasites such as hookworms, roundworms and whipworms.  The main advantage of Sentinel is it contains lufenuron which adds the benefit of sterilizing any fleas that may come into contact with your pet preventing a flea infestation.

Revolution is a topical product applied between the shoulder blades that prevents heartworms and kills both fleas and ticks.  Revolution's advantage is it kills fleas and ticks so you are not having to use a product like Frontline Tritak or Nexgard every month but the downside is it does not prevent intestinal worms

Don't let your pet become victim of this terrible and fully preventable disease, call us today to talk about heartworm preventative medication!

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